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Upcoming Events

Stop in to view works by new artists Diana L. Shearon , Jeff McKay, and Jeff Bise!  Our artists have been originals are coming in from all Red Door Gallery artist!!  Come shop for mom, dad, and grad.  As always, we offer free gift wrap!






Our featured artist this month is

Jeff Bise

My name is Jeff Bise, and I am an incomplete quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest down.  I served in the army from May of 1985 till June of 1991 active duty and inactive ready reserve from June of 1991 until May of 1993.  I have always been fascinated by wood and the different textures and grains.  I had my accident in September of 2009, and at that time I was classified as a full quadriplegic.  After a lot of hard work, I regained the use of one arm and partial use of the other.  My recreational therapist, Alyssa Welch got me started making pens about a year ago and I have loved it.  I hope you will too!!  I use only exotic hard woods because I think they have beautiful texture and grain.



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