Biography- Morris Howard
Written by Red Door Gallery   
Tuesday, 10 February 2015


  Morris was born in Dayton, Ohio.   He prefers to draw and paint the human figure in all its complexities.  He considers mastery of draftsmanship to be the greatest asset an artist can possess.  The artist believes that drawing is the foundation, along with color placement, contrasts between lights and darks and color harmony is the recipe for a successful painting.   According to the artist; “Art is something that inspires people through great skill, and beauty.  My standards are high and I will continue to strive for excellence in every work I create.”

 In 1994, after being honorably discharged from the Navy, Morris enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  He graduated in 1996 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications.  Morris continued his studies under the tutelage of artist and illustrator Carl Owens until Mr. Owens untimely passing in 2002.  Morris continues to study, and receive advice from portrait artist Simmie Knox, who is his mentor.  Morris currently resides in Atlanta, Ga.

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