Biography- Ekaterina Kouznetsova
Written by Red Door Gallery   
Saturday, 21 March 2020

Ekaterina Kouznetsova
 Born in the breathtaking Siberian mountains of Kazakhstan towards the end of the Soviet Union, and having lived in the vibrant cultural capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina for 20 years, Ekaterina 'Kato' Kouznetsova brings her art to the United States to begin this new decade. A passionate soul, Ekaterina integrates a high level of detail in her works while offering a gentle palette of colors sure to keep the admirers' gaze on all corners of the artwork. 
Ekaterina reaches a great level of intricacy through the use of pen and ink on high quality watercolor block. These very detailed lines are complemented with vivid yet gentle watercolors and stains, which all together elicit a lifelike trademark to her works. Ekaterina appreciates the earthy tones which staining achieves by using teas, a staple from her Russian heritage. It is not uncommon to see Ekaterina working while sipping teas from Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Republic of Georgia while also bringing those teas on to her works. With the addition of watercolors, Ekaterina brings the work to life and offers a soothing complement to the fine lines of pen and ink. 
Naturally, Ekaterina's artistic work expands onto the canvas as well, from miniatures to large. The fine lines of the pen and ink on watercolor block are translated to the canvas by Ekaterina's preference to work with fine brushes, even on larger canvases. Utilizing a very controlled application of acrylics, she achieves a very high level of detail on any size canvas. A veiled palette of colors lends itself to Ekaterina's trademark style while always fulfilling lifelike details. 
 Ekaterina draws motivation from her world travels and residences, from the forests of the Altai Mountains and the Kazakhstan steppe, to the myriad of landscapes and cityscapes in Argentina, and everywhere in between. Her travels have taken her to over 40 countries to date, which lends her artwork an appeal to many cultures and all ages. As a speaker of several languages, including Russian, Spanish and English, Ekaterina is inspired to connect with people from around the world and she brings such enriching experiences to her enriching artwork. 
Artist statement
As a young girl, the mountains and landscapes of my Siberian homeland instilled in me a strong connection to nature. This was further invigorated during the 20 years I lived in Argentina and the many landscapes on offer in addition to living in a huge metropolis of over 15 million people. Together, these elements have made me want to share the world with others, a dialogue through art. A dialogue which does not even require words in order to be communicated and to be understood. This is my passion, to share stories and scenes from my unique upbringing and the many countries I have traveled to since through art.
 Using pen and ink on watercolor block is one of my favorite ways to communicate. I find the fine, detailed lines bring people into the artwork, engaging in the unspoken dialogue and joining me in foreign lands. I will often incorporate a staining technique using teas, which brings out an earthy tone and also is a connection to my Russian heritage. Soft yet vibrant watercolors compliment many of my works, showcasing the beauty of the landscape, cityscape, people and places. On canvas, too, I like to employ an array of colors which are pleasing to the eye and speak volumes to the detailed beauty of the scene. Using fine brushes, I relish in the minute details which add so much to the story. 

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