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Mats are widely used in framing to add to the aesthetic quality of the artwork. Mats are used primarily to provide contrast or spacing between the frame and art, and to compliment the art by pulling out certain colors or textures. Matting is also useful in making a framed piece part of the décor in any setting. There are also a variety of options in matting including colored paper, metallic, textured, patterned, silk, linen, suede, leather, and grass cloth mats. Despite all the various looks of matting there are basically two types to keep in mind in order to properly protect your artwork.
  • Acid Free - These mats are completely non acidic and lignin free, which means they will not, at any point during the life of the art, damage or fade any artwork they touch. Acid free mats are always preferred on all artwork, photos, and prints.
  • Regular - These mats are the oldest type of mat board. They fade quickly, scratch and break easily, and (over time) will damage and discolor any form of paper or fabric they are framed with. While, regular (or non acid free) mats are not recommended on art of any value, they can be used when an acid free mat or acid free 2-ply underneath.

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