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Biography-Steve Sparks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Door Gallery   
Friday, 24 March 2017

Steve Sparks -

"Until thought is linked with purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment" - James Allen


Originally from the small town of Hudson Illinois, I came to Arkansas in the late 70's as a

Forrester. I've always had an interest in building things from wood. My first experience working

with wood was in my high school shop class. Inspired by my high shop teacher Dave Bloom, I

began to create things that show the natural beauty of wood and yet are very practical and

useable. And so, it began.


I love a great writing instrument, one that feels good and looks great. A handcrafted writing

instrument that looks and feels right is hard to find. My affinity for the natural beauty of various

types of wood have led me to employ them in unique creations. I find it very satisfying to design

and share these with others.


As a Forrester, I love hunting as it allows me to get outdoors and really enjoy the natural beauty

of Arkansas. To be able to create my own game calls from wood and actually be successful with

them is the icing on the cake. I started making game calls a couple of years ago when my son

wanted a Turkey call like the one that I had been using. I soon discovered that the manufacturer

who made my call no longer offered that style of call. I decided to build a call myself and after a

few attempts had successfully done so. Not being satisfied with just making the one that my son

was to use, I kept working on these and improving them. I now make a call that is unique in size

and sound. The quest to make calls was soon challenged by someone who wanted a Duck call.

Being successful with the Duck call inspired me to branch out to Predator calls, which also work

very well. The folks that use these successfully have led me to continue to improve the looks

and sounds of the calls I make.


As I continue to grow in the art of woodworking I am exploring several areas that are satisfying

and rewarding. I am now expanding my initial wood creations from pens and game calls to

Children’s toys, wooden games, unique cutting boards and who knows what's to come. The

imagination is the limit to what can be created.


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