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Biography - Paula Jones PDF Print E-mail
Written by Red Door Gallery   
Thursday, 06 November 2014


Paula Jones

The study I did with an incredibly intuitive, talented artist was when I finally figured out WHY I painted. First question she asked me was, “Why? Why do you paint?” I was stumped, and then started making up bogus answers that sounded good. Or so I thought. She saw right through the fog and indecision. “Paula, why do you paint?” It was then I settled into listening to my internal voice about the actual why. “I paint, because I never allowed myself the time to PLAY!” It was a total surprise to me. Was that true? Had I never allowed myself to actually PLAY? I thought that when I was painting I was playing….turns out the reason I was painting was so that I could eventually support myself. I DEMANDED that of myself. I never allowed myself to just play and make mistakes.

AHA! Total V-8 moment. When I played, when I allowed myself the luxury of losing time, getting lost in the process rather than the result, the actual “play” of my gift, I created Mona Lisa’s.

And so began the unfolding of me, my internal knowing, that I am here to play – to teach others to play and to LOVE what they are doing.

And, then began the work…the real work…Time to take myself and my gift serious.

I worked with an intuitive business coach (actually…I consider him a magician!), who peeled back another layer.   He pulled more out of me.  It was there all along, but he has such a gentle way of holding space and allowed me to figure out what my true “calling” in this lifetime is.   Turns out, it’s to bring hope to others through my story.   My story of believing in myself , the courage that it has taken and following my intuition about what I knew…what I know…will give others permission to also follow their intuition.

My paintings unfold and develop intuitively. I converse with the canvas, sometimes starting with an intention, or sometimes just allowing and knowing that this process works best for me. I paint a layer, and then glaze – layer after layer – allowing the layers to build upon themselves creating the depth and richness in the paintings that I love. I find that even the “mistakes” frequently become an intrinsic part of the painting, and I instinctively know that this is much as our lives are. Our “mistakes” or learning experiences as I prefer to call them, are layered with time and other experiences, creating the fine masterpieces that we are today.

Planting seeds of hope…



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