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Conservation Process


Mounting is used to secure, flatten, and protect art and is usually art specific. The mounting process is crucial in framing, since it can preserve and/or protect the item being framed. Two main types of mounting are:
  • Vacuum mounting - Spray adhesive is used to flatten artwork (poster, photo, print, Etc.) to foam board in a mounting press. This technique eliminates most wrinkles or bubbles in artwork, and prevents future buckling under glass.
  • Museum mounting - in this dry mounting process, heat is used along with archival tissue to flatten artwork (antique documents, photos, valuable prints, etc.) to acid free foam board. Museum mounting is used to flatten and preserve more valuable or delicate artwork without the permanence of adhesive.
    Original artwork (pastel, watercolor, pen & ink, etc.) is not usually mounted. While an acid free foam board is still necessary behind the piece, it is usually secured with archival tapes such as linen hinging tape, acid free art tape, or hinging tissue.

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